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Any student that has been cheated by a scammer who pretended to provide the kind of services that he or she wanted loses trust in online writing services. Scammers are notorious at risking the academic ambitions of students in addition to ‘stealing’ their money. This is because they do not care about the quality of products that they submit to students. In many cases, the products are written in incoherent manner and the content is plagiarized. Unfortunately, students are in need of writing services in order to get their assignments done. In fact, some students struggle with part time jobs and have no time left to sit and write the assignments. daniwrites.org saw the need to step in and keep students from being scammed by unscrupulous people. As an organization, we strongly feel that every student deserves to receive services that are equivalent to the money that they pay to a writing company.

This is our motivation for setting up this site; we also want to restore the faith that scammers have eroded into the online writing industry. We use the customer review approach to facilitate peer-to-peer learning among consumers of writing services. We are therefore a platform that sends out requests and accepts customer reviews from anyone who has ever hired writing services. We request for very specific information in the reviews and expect that those writing reviews would be very honest. We want customers to tell us about how writing companies respect the rights of customers to receive progress reports or accurate information. We are also interested in knowing what their policies are and how well those policies are adhered to. Qualifications of writers and availability of written samples are details that we are interested. Reviewers should also tell us whether the companies provided them with plagiarism scan reports and whether their prices are fair and consistent.

When we receive these customer reviews, we analyze them before rating each writing service on a pre-designed rating scale. We then use a pre-designed rating scale that uses parameters such as pricing, customer service, end product quality, read-to-use final product and timely delivery of products to rate performance of every writing company. Based on how they perform, writing companies are ranked numerically, a process that generates a list showing the best companies at the top. This ranking list clearly shows students which services are trustworthy and which ones are not. daniwrites.org also conducts its own separate research on companies by visiting their websites and social media platforms. The final reports are generated and published here to make them accessible by students and other consumers.

This little video can show you the world of writing industry!

Our visitors are welcome to view short videos created by the top ranked writing services and featured on this website. In the videos, you will be able to see how their entire processes work, from ordering stage to delivery of final products. If you want to find out more about the writing service, we welcome you to use the quick links below to get to their websites.